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Where only the most beautiful and unique beaded jewelry can be found. Here I strive to make one of a kind pieces and sets so that the women, men, and children who wear them, feel how special they truly are on the inside being illuminated on the outside as well. The ones that are for women and men are under the section Beauties Available and the ones for children are under the section Little Sparkles. To get an idea of other things I have made you can always check out Beauties Sold and Little Sparkles Sold.

These pieces are made of mainly glass beads and each piece/set is hand crafted and designed by me. There is never two pieces exactly the same unless it is requested to have a matching set for mother and daughter, sisters, or within the family or friends. Other than that I will not make another piece exactly the same. Feel free to browse my different pages and see the Beauties/Little Sparkles that are available now and the ones that have already become a part of someone's collection. Those pages will be found at the top of the page.

The price of each piece/set varies on the types of beading used. All prices will be listed below the Beauty/Little Sparkle. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. My contact information is listed below.

I do ship, but the price of the shipping depends on where it will be going. Please contact me to find out shipping on items with the location it will be sent. Thank you.

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